Rumbutan is considered to be one of the most delicious and truly “exotic” fruits in its appearance. It can even be seen on the shelves in big supermarkets in our country, but this fruit grows in countries with a tropical climate.

Interesting Facts

Local residents of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, countries of South-East Asia are so used to rambutan that they do not perceive it as something outlandish. For them rambutan is the same as for us an apple. However, they recognize that rambutan is healthy and very tasty. That the rambutan should be valued and used for food, the Thai king himself, who ruled in the distant 17th century, began to speak. Since then, this fruit does not leave the tables of the Thais.

Rambutan is a small dark red, lilac or even orange-yellow fruit, covered with greenish hairs with raspberry tint. Inside the fruit is a dense opaque white flesh with a bone that is not eaten. To get to it, you need to cut the skin and remove it from the fetus. The taste of rambutan is very sweet and sated, it is enjoyed with pleasure by both locals and numerous tourists.

The rambutan ripens on evergreen sprawling trees, which reach 25 m in height. The historical homeland of this tree is Southeast Asia, but now rambutan is widespread in other areas. It is grown both in plantations and in private plots. The tree blooms in small white flowers, from which, as a result of a long process, fruits appear. Rambutan grows in clusters, 25-30 pieces each.

With rambutan associated romantic legend, common in Thailand. Local people talk about Prince Sang Tong, who hid his face in a mask made of hairy skins of rambutan, because of which everyone considered him an ugly and frightening animal. However, one girl was not afraid to marry him, having seen in the monster a sensitive and kind young man. After the wedding, the mask disappeared somewhere, and the prince appeared to his people in a true beautiful appearance.

Composition of rambutane

Rambutan is famous for its rich composition. So, it includes vitamins of group B, vitamins, A and C, essential for the body of acids (folic and so on). Moreover, it is worth mentioning about the mineral substances concealed in the rambutane fruit: zinc, phosphorus, calcium, iron, copper help improve immunity and strengthen the state of human health.

Rembutane contains niacin, a very important substance that participates in many oxidative reactions of cells. Thanks to him, the body is able to fight with harmful microbes and viruses, prevents cancer cells from becoming more active, etc.

Rambutan has a bone, which is not accepted. But it is also very useful. It includes some acids and oils, as well as tannin. If it is heated, it will start to emit quite delicious flavors – knowingly from rambutan produce scented candles and fillers.

Rambutan, like most fruits, is quite low-calorie. In 100 gr. such a product contains about 80 kcal., so it can be eaten by those people who watch their weight and count the calories eaten per day.

Beneficial features

Rambutan is actively used in the treatment of various ailments and diseases. So, it is used for an intestinal disorder, with diarrhea. Rambutan has a beneficial effect on the digestive process, improves metabolism and speeds up metabolism. In addition, this fruit effectively fights with helminthic invasions, relieving a person from parasites.

Exotic fruit rambutan lowers blood pressure and improves the condition of the vessels. If you regularly eat this fruit, the condition of the heart muscle will improve markedly. It is also useful for women in the postpartum period, in order to restore strength and improve their mood.

Local residents use for medicinal purposes not only the fruits of rambutane, but also other parts of the plant. So, believe that the leaves of the tree help to get rid of the headache, and tincture and decoctions of the bark of the tree calm and relieve anxiety. The bark is dried and crushed, so it is stored for a long time.

Rambutan is one of the most loved and effective remedies for skin healing. It makes it soft, velvety and radiant. Crushed fruit pulp is used as a face mask for the face and body.

Bones of rambutan are heated and wait until they start to smell delicious. So the locals save money for various scented candles and oils.

Purchase, storage and use

Rambutan is very often brought by tourists as a gift to relatives and friends from warm countries. It is well kept and looks rather extravagant, which makes a good impression. However, to choose rambutan it is necessary with the mind: ripe fruit should not be soft, have an earth shade. Good rambutan of red or yellow hues, always with thin hairs, dense skin, without cracks and incisions. Inside the fetus, there should be no dark dots or impregnations, otherwise it indicates that the fruit is spoiled. Rambutan quite quickly understands the local wound, so you are unlikely to be able to buy stale goods.

If you decide to bring such a fruit from a trip, remember that it is not stored in the refrigerator for more than a week. It needs to be eaten in a short time so that rambutan does not deteriorate.

The scope of rambutan is quite extensive. It is not only actively used in folk medicine, it makes face and body masks from it, but also prepare rambutan jams, mousses, and sweet sauces. With pulp rambutan make pies and buns, decorate rambutan with different dishes. Local residents even add fruit when preparing meat and sauces for second courses.


As such, there are no contraindications to rambutan. Do not abuse them, if before you have never tried this exotic fruit – eat one fruit and wait time. If there was no allergic reaction, then you can safely continue to enjoy delicious fruits.

It is not recommended to eat rambutan to those who have stomach problems: gastritis, ulcer. It is necessary to limit the use of rambutan by small children.

If you have an opportunity to assess the taste of this fruit, be sure to use it. Do not forget to hold the bone of the fruit above the fire! You should feel a pleasant aroma that will cheer you up and adjust you to the right mood.

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