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Active Ingredient: Clomiphene. Clomid is used for treating female infertility.

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Medical Science is one of the most significant discoveries in the modern world. Today, our scientists work very hard to discover new and better medicines for every type of diseases. One of such findings in the field of medications is a drug called Clomid (clomiphene). Clomid is one of the latest fertility medicine of modern era. It is a boon for the females who face problem regarding ovulation. This wonderful drug is not a type of steroids. As a reader, one would like to know how does this drug works like a wonder for women? Is it safe and when can one take it?

How does this medicine work in your body?

This medicine initiates ovulation by making the pituitary gland discharge great amount of Follicle Stimulating Hormone also known as FSH. It increases the growth of ovarian follicles, which contains eggs inside women's body. It helps in discharging higher level of estrogen and luteinizing hormone in the hypothalamus. If the fertility cycle of the drug is positive, it enables you to release eggs for fertilization. After reading about how does this drug works on your body, you might like to know why you should take it?

Why should you take this medicine?

Clomid can be useful for those females who are endeavouring to get pregnant who have any of the below accompanying problems:

  • Sporadic Ovulation: It is hard to imagine when a lady's cycles are irregular to the point that she can't make sure when she is ovulating. The utilization of Clomid should create an anticipated ovulatory reaction to consider planned intercourse or intrauterine insemination.
  • "Male Factor" fertility issues: When there is an issue with the semen quality, at times your doctor may prescribe intrauterine insemination to augment the pregnancy. Clomid can be utilized to help enhance the planning of the inseminations with the female's cycle.
  • Unexplained Infertility: Clomid has additionally been appeared to be compelling in expanding pregnancy rates in young couples that have had a complete fertility evaluation, yet are experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant.

After understanding what factors this drug Clomid works on, you would like to know how you should intake this medicine?

How should you take this Clomid drug?

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One should utilize the Clomid precisely as coordinated by your doctor. Your specialist may alter your dosage to make sure you get the best outcomes from it. Try not to take this medication in any other quantities than suggested. Your specialist will perform medical examinations to ensure you don't have conditions that might not allow you to continue with this drug. You must follow your specialist's directions carefully.You should have a pelvic examination before every treatment cycle. You should stay under the care of a specialist while you are taking Clomid medicine.

You will doubtlessly ovulate within five to ten days after you take Clomid. To enhance your possibility of getting pregnant, you ought to have sex while you are ovulating. Your doctor might ask you to test your temperature every morning and record your day by daily readings on an outline. These records will enable you to decide when can you anticipate that ovulation will happen.

As a rule, Clomid cannot exceed for more than the three treatment cycles. On the off chance that ovulation happens however if you don't conceive a pregnancy after three treatment cycles, the specialist may put an end to this treatment and assess your infertility to a further level. You should always keep this medicine at an average temperature far from dampness, warmth, and direct sunlight.

What must be taken care before taking this medicine?

One should avoid usage of Clomid, if you have an allergy from this drug, or if you encounter any the following problems:

  • there is abnormal bleeding in Vagina
  • if a female has a cyst in her ovaries, not a polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Any liver disease history
  • A pituitary gland tumor
  • Undiagnosed issues related to thyroid and adrenal glands
  • If a female is pregnant

How much of Clomid dose should one take?

The quantity of medicine for Initialising Ovulation: One can intake 50 mg of Clomid orally, once in a day for consecutive five days. For females who don't have any bleeding in the uterus, it can be intake at any time, but it usually begins on the fifth day of your menstrual cycle. If female gets ovulation started but have not conceived the child, then two more dosages of this drug could be initiated of 50 mg each for five days. Though the manufacturers of the medicines don't suggest more than 100 mg per day for five days in three cycles, reports have suggested successful pregnancy and timely delivery of a child for women on over 200mg of Clomid for more than a week.

The quantity of Clomid for Lactation Suppression: You have to intake 50mg to 100mg of it per day for five days regularly. One complete course is more than enough.

The quantity of this drug for Oligospermia: One is required to take 25mg to 100mg of this medicine per day for several months duration. Let's take a look whether this miracle medicine would have side -effects if you take this regularly.

The Side-Effects of Clomid are as below:

One must consult a medical expert, in case any allergy is seen after consuming this drug such as the problem with breathing and if your tongue, lips, face or throat swells. Some of you might have ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) which is very critical. Immediately, a patient should call the doctor with these problems like pain in stomach or if your stomach bloats, if you have vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea problems. A fast increase in weight around the face, less urination, pains while breathing, short breathing problem while lying down on the bed and an increased heart rate is all related to symptoms of OHSS.

There are few other types of side effects where Clomid should stop at once. If there is a pain in the pelvic area or you feel pressure in your pelvis area. If the patient has vision-related problems or if she sees flashes of light. The bulk of bleeding in the vagina are symptoms where you should stop the drug.

Some of the common effects one may have with this medicine are redness, tenderness in breasts, pain in head and spotting problems. It is essential to take advise from your physician about any other issue you have faced while on this medication.

You might have this question in your mind is it worth taking this medicine after getting knowledge about these effects that you might have? As studied by the researchers, the high success rates of this drug in women make a woman tolerate these effects with ease. This marvelous medicine has around 80% of the success rate of making women ovulate during three months of taking it. You also have a chance of getting pregnant within six cycles of its course. Not to worry as you would be under the medical supervision and will regularly examine by your doctor.

If this drug does not work for you?

One should not panic if Clomid does not prove to be useful for you, as there are many other advanced treatment options available for you. This medicine will not work, if you have a problem in Hypothalamus, the level of estrogen is less, and you are overweight. These three health problems make this drug success percentage low. This drug in rare cases, might not help women become pregnant as it makes endometrial lining thinner thus, causes implantation. It can be the cause of change in cervical mucus which acts as a wall between the sperm and an egg. Though, Clomid's success rates are higher than its failures percentages.

This incredible drug has been a boon for women whose dream of becoming a mother have been fulfilled by it. In the field of medicine, there are only a few medicines which are highly recommended and are productive for human beings. As you would be surprised to know, this drug is an essential cure for treating and preventing critical breasts cancer. There are numerous brands of companies which are making this drug and making lives of millions and millions female around the world better for them.

Pregnancy and its relation with Anxiety

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Among the most beautiful things that can happen in the life of women is Pregnancy. As a result, women tend to ask frequently basic questions concerning this important period. Pregnancy has gained much of interest and become one of the most topics in the last few years.

Many pregnancy related studies has clearly stated the high degree of Anxiety during pregnancy, some said that anxiety has nothing to do with pregnancy issues, whereas others has put an alarm about the urge need to reduce anxiety to not end up in bad consequences.

Anxiety during pregnancy

During pregnancy women experience some basic psychological and emotional changes. Some are very worried and entails a great fear concerning the health of their babies, how this period can be? How to overcome their fear? What is safe to eat? What should not be done during this sensitive period?

Anxiety can be related to many reasons; we may for example state the severe problems inside the family that may lead to dangerous consequences on the health of women, and makes her very concerned about that. As a consequence, she almost forget how sensitive this period is, and how important to have a good mood and healthy body, because that will certainly reflect on the child.

What are the common reasons behind anxiety during pregnancy?

Pregnancy entails great impact on women life, and it can be related with anxiety. Why is that? Anxiety can happen because of some changes in the environment and the life of women during this period.

There are some major changes may lead to anxiety during pregnancy. These reasons are most dealt with in much research concerning pregnancy related anxiety.

  • Major prominent Events: During pregnancy women can have been through some events like the death of a precious person or loss of some property. That is as studies suggest increase the degree of anxiety in pregnancy.
  • Community disasters related anxiety: Other studies have suggested and based anxiety in pregnancy by the degree of disasters like flooding, earthquake or other natural disasters. But, still not all the studies agree on that to be the main reason for women to have an unsuccessful pregnancy period.
  • Chronic changes and conditions: These categories of reasons are to be for many factors. Some researchers suggest in relation to chronic conditions, that sharing the same poor and unhealthy environment with criminals and thieves live, poses stressful and safety concerns. As a result impose anxiety that may lead to dangerous consequences.
  • Powerful emotions and perceptions: It is to be maternal stress when women go to a periodical assessment, some can be very stressful and that can increase anxiety. Another major stressful disorder is connected with depression, which many research have proven that many women experience depression in the pregnancy period because of anxiety.
  • Discrimination based on ethnic or race: As the world is changing year after year, the increasing numbers of ethnic and racial discrimination is a crucial problem in the few last years. Researches have suggested that colored women are facing a high degree of anxiety and stressful disorders during their pregnancy period because of the discrimination they are facing.

What statistics and studies have said about pregnancy related anxiety?

According to a study made by the director of Tommy's the Baby Charity -Philip N. Baker- and - Preben Bo Mortensen- the CEO of Stanley Medical Research Institute about pregnancy issues related anxiety. They find that the -severe life events- has a major relation to anxiety. In addition, they suggest that these life problems if it happens in the 6 months of pregnancy before conception can really increases the risk of preterm birth by approximately 16%.

Another statistics by the human reproduction journal found that pregnant women in their two o three first pregnancy months can experience anxiety if they witness a natural disaster like for example earthquake. As a consequence, that resulted in a prominent decline in gestational age and increase in preterm delivery. As a result, the chances of preterm birth increased by 0.038 in the second month and by 0.039 in the third.

According to a study made by James W. Collins in Maternal and child health journal, he suggested doing an analysis to show the anxiety problems and their effect on pregnancy. He record a dataset of each of -Latino White and African-American infants between 1989 and 1991with their mother between 1956 and 1975 base on appended United States census income information. He finally found that, Non-Latino White women with a lifelong residence in low-income neighborhoods had a low birth weight less than 2,500 g incidence of 10.1% , whereas 5.1% for White women with a lifelong residence in high-income neighborhoods.

Hayes study about depressed women during pregnancy have found that 23,280 pregnant women actually uses or has a history of antidepressant prescriptions before pregnancy, and that 75% have not used any in the second or third three months of pregnancy, along with 10.7% of them used antidepressants during their pregnancy period.