Durian is considered a very specific exotic fruit due to its special aroma and taste. Nevertheless, he has many supporters around the world. If you still do not know what this fruit is, our article will be interesting for you.

Durian is a seasonal fruit that grows in warm countries such as Thailand, India, Malaysia, etc. It grows on tall, sprawling giant trees that reach a height of forty meters. About thirty varieties of durian are known, but only nine of them can be eaten. Four varieties were the most common. They are collected from spring until the end of summer.

If we talk about the appearance of this fruit, then durian is able to attract curious views. It has a spherical shape, covered with very dense pointed spines, which allow to protect the flesh from deformation. The skin of a durian is thick, greenish-green, it needs to be removed to get to the fruit. Inside the durian is a delicate yellow flesh, which is highly valued for its unique creamy vanilla flavor. The consistency of the fetus resembles a slightly melted ice cream. Weighs such a fruit a few pounds.

Interesting Facts

Durian, unlike many other exotic fruits, is practically not exported to other countries. This is due to the fact that it is not popular enough because of its specific odor, which, according to eyewitnesses, is completely unbearable. That is why in countries where durian grows, it is forbidden to appear with fruit in public places, in restaurants and parks, in hospitals and on playgrounds. The aroma of durian is so persistent that it can not be “removed” from the premises for a long time, even with the help of special means for air purification. Local residents are advised not to take even an immature durian in their hands, since his smell can “stick” into the skin for a long time.

Because of the unpleasant smell, tourists can not take fruit out of the countries where durian grows, otherwise there will be nothing to breathe in the cabin of the aircraft. In Thailand, even invented a legend that explains such an “amazing” flavor of durian. It says that one day an old king fell in love with a young girl. Chances to get her heart honest way he had little, so the king turned to the magician and asked him to help solve a difficult task. The wizard gave the king a large fruit with a marvelous aroma and a heavenly taste, which he presented to the girl. The poor girl immediately found himself under the spell of a king who did not believe his happiness and forgot to thank the magician. The magician harbored resentment and decided to take revenge: he cursed the wonderful fruits of durian. When the king came to the forest for another “love fruit”, he found foul-smelling prickly fruits, the smell of which pushed his beloved away from him. The girl realized that she was deceived, and immediately escaped from the unlucky admirer.

Composition of durian

Despite the specific smell, the Thai call durian “king of fruit.” With this you can agree, because its fruits are very healthy, and incredibly tasty and nutritious.

The composition of durian includes various trace elements, minerals and vitamins. In particular, it has a lot of vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and copper. It is rich in important folic and nicotinic acids. Sulfur, which is part of the durian, helps the body get rid of toxins and toxins.

Its specific smell of durian is due to sulfur and indole – a special aromatic compound, which, however, gives the fruit antimicrobial properties. In durian also a lot of protein, but few calories – per 100 gr. only 147 kcal. This fruit perfectly satisfies hunger and charges the body with vigor and energy. If you are on a diet, a reasonable use of durian will not harm your figure.

Beneficial features

Durian has not only special taste qualities, which can not leave any person indifferent (for example, in China durian is one of the most valuable delicacies for children, therefore it is bought only for big holidays), but also a lot of useful properties.

  1. Useful for the digestive tract
    Durian gently cleanses the intestines, it is eaten with constipation. Fibers contained in this fruit contribute to the removal of harmful substances from the body that have the property of accumulating and causing the onset of negative processes, for example, such as activation of cancer cells.
  2. Important for anemia
    If a person has anemia, he needs to regularly eat durian. There are a lot of B vitamins in it, which are felt in the process of increasing the red blood cells in the blood.
  3. Beneficial effect on skin condition
    Durian has bactericidal and wound healing properties. Also locals attribute to it rejuvenating properties.
  4. Useful for bone skeleton
    Vitamin C, part of the fruit, is involved in the production of collagen, so that bones, tendons, cartilage become much stronger. Potassium, which is also present in the durian, helps calcium not to wash out of the bones, thereby contributing to their strengthening.
  5. Suitable for diabetics
    The fruits of durian are able to regulate the level of glucose in the blood. Also, this fruit can prevent the occurrence of diabetes, if you regularly eat it.
  6. Improves the endocrine system
    The thyroid gland is the most important organ responsible for many processes occurring in our body. Durian supports the functioning of the gland, provides a stable hormonal background.
  7. Helps with headache
    Local residents actively resort to durian if their head begins to ache. Thanks to riboflavin (a vitamin from group B), there is no trace of migraine.
  8. Improves mood
    Durian – a proven tool in the fight against apathy. It includes vitamin B6, the lack of which, according to researchers, leads to prolonged depression, lethargy, neuroses. Durian also helps to stabilize the emotional background, as well as improve sleep and save the person from anxiety.
  9. Strengthens teeth
    Although there is no calcium in durian, but there is phosphorus – another important element for our teeth and bones. Without it, our body can not do.
  10. Improves potency
    Durian attributed “love” properties. It enhances male potency and improves the functioning of the reproductive system in women. If you choose durian as a fruit for the first date – you will not lose.
    Durian also improves appetite, gives a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. It is very tasty, despite its scent, which you need to get used to. Durian strengthens the protective function of the body, increases resistance to various viruses and bacteria.

Purchase, use and storage

We already mentioned that durian is a season fruit. It is better to buy it in the spring or summer, so as not to run into unripe or spoiled fruit. During this period, the fruits of durian should be purchased on local wounds. When choosing a fruit you need to evaluate its appearance: durian should not be too much “fragrant”, its thorns should be flexible. Knock on the fruit – you should hear a deaf echo. The durian skin is thick, so you definitely should not expect the durian to be very soft and will be squashed under your fingers. Immature durians almost do not smell, but those durians, which the seller could not realize in time, publish a sickening aroma, because of which it is impossible to go to the counter with fruit.

When buying durian should be borne in mind that such a fruit is stored for a maximum of 1-2 days. Eat it as soon as possible, otherwise it will deteriorate. The sellers insist that the durian is quietly remaining for a little longer, if you wrap it in a plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator, but keep in mind that in this case you risk impregnating all your things and your home with a specific smell. It is better to eat durian immediately, as soon as it was cut.

The scope of this fruit is rather monotonous: it is used for making smoothies and cocktails, it is prepared from it with sweet fillings and jams. Locals even make fruit chips and sweets from durian – they can be taken out as souvenirs, so you can safely pack such items in your luggage.


Durian can not be eaten by people who have high blood pressure. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are also better off refraining from using such a treat. It is extremely dangerous to mix durian with alcohol – you can get poisoned.

To eat durian did not lead you to a sad outcome, try a small piece of its pulp, see how the body will behave. When rashes appear, irritations should immediately stop eating this fruit.

Even a terrible smell will not make the real gourmets refuse the durian. Be sure to try it and you when you have the opportunity.

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