Heart Block in Children

What is Heart Block in Children?

Heart block in children is a disorder that occurs when poor performance of conductor cells of the second and third types, which are responsible for the transmission of impulses throughout the conduction system and to the contractile myocardium.

Localization blockades:

  • sinoatrial
  • atrioventricular
  • intraventricular

Synotrial occurs at the level of the atrial myocardium. Atrioventricular characteristic of the level of atrioventricular junction and the bundle of his. Intraventricular block occurs at the level of the legs and branching of the bundle of His. Conductivity can be disturbed at different levels at the same time, indicating a widespread lesion of the cardiac conduction system.

Types of blockade for completeness:

  • full
  • incomplete

When complete, a complete interruption of the passage of the excitation wave appears. And with incomplete impulses are conducted slowly, or some of the impulses may occasionally not pass through the lesion.

Blockade with respect to the bundle of Hisа: